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The 2 masters on piano, drums and electronics created a unique improvisational project for the world. Here on one side of the stage you find Wesseltoft laden with melodies and melancholy of scandinavia being insprired by greats like Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock. There we experience the energy and grooves of one of europe’s best producers of electronic music and drummers Prommers who is himself inspiring the techno and jazz crossover scene since 15 years with his projects Drumlssons, Trüyby Trio, Fauna Flash.
Based on call & response, intuitive listening, spontaneous reactions, experience and skillfulness, the feedback of the audience both masters get the best out of their instruments. Many rhythms and grooves, both primeval and modern, are looped and entwined, and often sounds are distorted and reshaped on the fly in a jazz remix live on stage. The concerts have a strong free improvisational component shaped by hooklines and themes brought up at times the audience won’t expect them.
This performance will open your ears, warm your hearts and makes you dance.

Bugge Wesseltoft
“There is no musician or artist in the world that is not inspired by others. However, the important thing is to let inspiration develop, to work towards finding a unique means of personal expression. This is what I believe and is what I have always tried to achieve … to find my own thing, my own voice. I dont want to be another carbon copy of any great musician, past or present: I don’t see the point of that. There have been so many good things done before, but one must find ones own sound.”
Bugge Wesseltoft
Since the early 1990´s Bugge Wesseltoft has made an impressive, truly post-modern transistion from his ECM nordic jazz traditions. Playing and recording together with the likes of Jan Garbarek, Sidsel Endresen, Terje Rypdal, Nils Petter Molvaer, Jon Eberson to forming his own innovative New Conception Of Jazz group and exquisite label “Jazzland Recordings”.
Wesseltoft is multi-decorated with critics prizes for creating a unique, fresh blend of “modern jazz”.

Christian Prommer
Christian Prommer is an american producer, Dj , drummer and musician who has produced and composed genre defining and award winning dance and electronic music for more than two decades.
As founding member of Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio and VoomVoom, as producer and co-writer for Kruder and Dorfmeister, Dj Hell (his effort “Teufelswerk” was Echo nominated), Kim Sanders (they won the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik), The Dining Rooms, Incognito and with his own projects Prommer and Barck and most notably Christian Prommers Drumlesson.
As a musician and collaborator he has worked with Carl Craig, Patrick Pulsinger, Brian Ferry, Tony Allen, Bugge Wesseltoft, Joe Sample, Til Brönner, Mousse T, Wolfgang Haffner, Incognito, Klaus Doldinger, Hunter/Game, My Favorite Robot, Solomun and many more. With his band, solo shows and dj sets he travels the world non stop from big jazz festivals to the darkest after hour clubs.

Bugge Wesseltoft Piano, Keyboard, Electronics www.ohsotrue.de/bugge
Christian Prommer Drums, Electronics www.christianprommer.com