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2004, Valentin OMAN and Thomas MORA met in a local in Vienna, called “Salzberg”, with their instruments and i-books. Together with friends and musicians they started a Sunday jam session where unconstrained and unforgettable live performances emerged spontaneously. Most of these sessions ended in raucous parties. Soon, distinctive songs developed from the recordings and, encouraged by numerous fans, the duo cut it`s first album “Salzberg- the chillin sessions”.The following 5 years, they dedicated themselves to diverse projects. Most of the time, they were on stage as session musicians with several stars. End of 2008, the idea of producing another album arose. The Greek Island Santorin was the inspiring setting for the songwriting. Away from the city`s goings-on, half of the new songs developed in winter 2008. The following guest performance in Sydney/ Australia became a musical round trip where local musicians and performances at Bondi Beach rendered enough material for further songs. Back in Vienna, the musical “rough diamonds” were refined by numerous musicians in the studio. That`s when the album “touring” started to come into being.

Carl Avory Vocals www.ramon-online.com
Christoph Schlögl Drums www.ramon-online.com
Thomas Mora Bass www.ramon-online.com
Valentin Oman Keys www.ramon-online.com

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