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Parov Stelar Presents MAX THE SAX

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Max The Sax is an essential part of both the Parov Stelar Band and the Parov Stelar Trio’s shows. His unmistakable saxophone style and his eccentric performances have made him a firm favourite across the world. He is a real rock star amongst saxophonists and always impresses with his explosive playing, bringing smiles to the faces of those watching and never failing to send fans into euphoria. His masterful talent for improvising club music and his happiness to interact with the crowd set him out from the rest. Fans can expect to see, hear and witness history in the making in his solo show as he plays completely new jazzy interpretations of classic club tunes and hidden gems

Markus Ecklmayr Sax facebook.com/maxthesax
Florian Kasper Drums facebook.com/maxthesax
Richard Leutner Sound facebook.com/maxthesax

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