Batumi Tennis Club / 20 July 2013 / DOORS OPEN: 20:00

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Carmen Souza Acoustic Guitar, Vocal, Wurlizer or
Theo PascalBass, Double
Ben Burrell Acoustic Piano
Elias KacomanolisDrums,

BIO: Carmen was born 27 years ago in Lisbon within a Christian family from Cape Verde. Very young she experienced the “Sodade” feeling of missing someone with the long absence of her father due to his work at sea. She grew up in a mixed environment of Creole, the Cape Verde dialect her parents spoke at home, and Portuguese, always surrounded by the capeverdean way of life. Carmen started singing professionally at the age of 17 in a Lusophone Gospel Choir and since then she participated in several projects from Funky to Soul, Jazz and World music, with whom she toured extensively. Her compositions were also included in albums released by projects in where she participated as singer. Being a strong spiritual person, Carmen always saw music as her mission and felt privileged to have the opportunity to express herself through it, working hard every day to deserve that opportunity. Musicians like Luis Morais, Theo Pas’cal, Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Zawinul, Horace Silver, Keith Jarret, Billie Holiday,Nina Simone, Etta Jones etc, are definitely the ones that truly inspire her evolution and search for a personal style different from anything you ever heard. Theo Pas’cal, her producer and mentor and one of the best bass players in Portugal, was the one to discover her talent and introduce Carmen to Jazz, Fusion and other contemporary sounds that really influenced her.

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